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Chemipol provide biocides, additives and process chemicals to a wide variety of industries. All our products are supported by comprehensive product data sheets, safety data sheets, are officially approved and comply with local and regional regulations.

Information here contained is for general guidance. For further data, please ask us by submitting the request form available in this website or contact directly Chemipol in your area.

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REACH (European Union)

Chemipol is committed to and fully supports the aim of REACH to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment, and has established a coordination office to ensure a smooth transition to the REACH regulation and to guarantee the supply chain to the customers.

For information on regulatory status of a specific product, you can contact Chemipol REACH coordination team by email or by submitting the Request Form available herein the website.

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Chemipol provides technical service specific to the requirements of each industry.