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Microbial contamination causes well known problems associated to loss of product characteristics, human health and company image.

Chemipol offers microbiological expert services to the cosmetic industry with the objective to support in the best antimicrobial solution for each personal care product formulation. Cosmetics antimicrobial protection and stability is achieved by combining effective plant hygiene and using the suitable preservatives.

Our expert services to you bring information on your product durability and period of time after opening (PoA) and include: Plant Audits and Hygiene Programs and Microbiological Service.


Bacteria and fungi intrusion typically occurs during the industrial stage and in-use of cosmetic products.

Our Plant Hygiene Programme audits your industrial system and advises the best solution to remove microbial intrusion.

The Plant Hygiene programme includes:

1.1 On-site plant audits

Checking of production facilities to identify critical points:

  • Raw materials
  • Production facilities
  • Storage vessels
  • Filling facilities
  • Work practices

1.2. Risk removal

In consequence with audit results we recommend specific procedures and products to remove contamination:

  • Cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Maintenance
  • Training of staff (seminars, customer in-house practices)


Chemipol microbiological services include a test program according to different test guidelines and Chemipol expert standards including toxicological assessment.

Our Microbiological Services includes:

  • Challenge tests.
  • Determination of minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC).
  • Stability tests
  • Validation of new preservatives (incorporation, compatibility)
  • Comparative tests
  • Information on period after opening (PoA).
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