SENSICARE : preservatives for personal care formulations

Innovative preservatives based on active substances with improved eco-toxicity

Inspired in the microbial control technology from the demanding food industry, Chemipol started a modern research program to develop innovative preservatives for the personal care industry which enables to decrease the amount of biocidal actives in contact with the skin while, at the same time, ensuring optimum protection. The successful result of this on-going research program is the preservatives range SENSICARE® based on the concept of self-preservation and hurdle technology for the microbial control.

SENSICARE® C and SENSICARE® M are innovative ranges of preservatives for protection of all type of leave-on and rinse-off products, which include liquid and powder formulations combining active substances with mild toxicological profile.

SENSICARE® research program is supported by a large number of robust microbiological studies including Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations, Microbial Reduction Kinetics, and Cosmetic Challenge Tests of which we highlight the following conclusions:

  • SENSICARE® C boosts the microbiological efficacy of active substances: reduction between 30% and 50% of the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of the original substances.
  • SENSICARE® C contains boosters which have better ecological profile, show faster biodegradation and environmental fate compared to other existing boosters based on esterified ramified alcohols.
  • SENSICARE® C are compatible with the most usual raw materials present in personal care formulations.
  • SENSICARE® C has high microbiological activity in all type of formulations (direct emulsions, inverse emulsions and soluble products), showing special efficacy controlling gram-positive bacteria.

Benefits to you

  • Low concentration of biocidal substances to the skin.
  • Improved eco-toxicity (milder acute toxicity associated to lower biocide concentration).
  • Broad spectrum of activity.
  • Excellent efficacy in all type of cosmetic formulations.
  • Stable over a wide pH range, stability and temperature.
  • Regulatory compliance.

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Posted on 12/05/2014

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