Working for a sustainable life

Chemipol has a comprehensive system of quality management and environment in that the term "sustainability" stands for efficacy, reliability, protection of health and environment, and safety at work.

All Chemipol products are manufactured and supplied under the ISO14001 Environment protection mark and meet all regulatory requirements of the markets in which are placed.

More than thirty years experience in the additives business are an advantage when it comes to providing "eco" solutions. It does not exist a standard in the industry that define "eco" or "green" chemistry but all of us have the perception that means environmentally friendly, healthier and safer. The work of scientists, the efforts of organizations of various kinds, the environmental regulations, the awareness among consumers, strongly influence the industry towards a sustainable development which is being translated into various green certifications.

The content of VOC and CMR substances in products, the percentage of renewable materials contained in it, the persistence in the environment of raw materials, parameters based on various existing eco-labelling requirements, are key indicators in determining what we mean by product eco-friendliness.

Our biocides, additives and specialty process chemicals constitute only a small part of the formulation where added and have a minor impact when evaluating a product to determine whether it meets the requirements of a green seal. However, Chemipol is committed with the use of sustainable raw materials, devoting constantly resources to develope products with improved eco-toxicological profile and help our customers to achieve the green challenge.

We supply a number of products that meet with high quality the requirements of different environmental standards. Our technical service with experienced and profund expertise help our customers to develope and produce environmentally friendly products and processes.

Chemipol supports the industry by delivering high quality products and expert services.