Metalworking fluids

Metalworking fluids

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BIOPOL® and MEFACIDE® families integrate formaldehyde free biocides for microbial control in metalworking fluids adapted to treatment of concentrates and emulsions.

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Mixtures based on heterocycles. Formaldehyde free biocides.

Product/Family Description Application

Antimicrobial formulations of BIT in glycol solution.

Biocide for control growth of micro-organisms of technical products with alkaline pH and/or in temperatures up to 80ºC.


Concentrate biocide formulations of CMIT/MIT very effective at low dosage against bacteria, moulds and yeasts. At use levels are biodegradable and non-persistent in the environment.

Broad spectrum biocides for tank side protection of soluble fluids, semi-synthetic and synthetic fluids. Good temperature and pH stability in most of the metalworking conditions of use.


Aqueous formulations based on MIT.

Preservation of all kind of aqueous formulations.

BIOPOL VR family

Aqueous biocides based on BIT and/or BIT combined with formaldehyde releasers.

Broad spectrum preservation of alkaline waterborne products and/or with temperatures up to 80ºC during its production process.


Biocide formulations based on glycolic solutions of IPBC.

Broad spectrum fungicide and algaecide for protection of both aqueous technical products and solvent systems.


Concentrate biocide formulations of OIT in glycol effective at low dosage against fungi (moulds and yeasts) and gram-positive bacteria.

Broad spectrum biocide for concentrates and tank side treatment. Good temperature and pH stability in most of the metalworking conditions of use.