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Dispersing agents

CHEMICRYL® family integrates pigment dispersing agents to control and reduce flocculation and stabilize the pigment dispersion in aqueous emulsion paints.

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Based on polyelectrolyte

Product/Family Description Application

Polyelectrolyte derived from an acrylic terpolymer of medium to high molecular weight.

Recommended for dispersion of fillers (especially inorganic) and powder pigments in aqueous emulsions. Its energic dispersing effect by electro-static repulsion maintains optimum flow in high density products. Reduces flocculation and stabilizes dispersion systems.

Based on polyphosphates

Product/Family Description Application

Mixture of different polyphosphates in hygroscopic powder.

For dispersion and sequestering fillers and pigments in aqueous emulsion coatings. Avoids undesired flocculation and reduces hardness of the production water.