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Chemipol provide a wide range of pigments in powder form, pigment pastes and tintometric systems for production of coloured paints and coatings.

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Pigments for production of coloured coatings

Product/Family Description Application

Range of water-based pigment pastes including organic and inorganic pigments.

For production of coloured waterborne interior and exterior coatings, and for tinting aqueous products.


Aqueous dispersions of fluorescent pigments

For production of fluorescent waterborne coatings.


Inorganic pigments in powder form with very good light fastness and excellent chemical resistances. Includes Iron oxides (yellow, red and black), Chromium oxides, Bismutum Vanadate and Blue Cobalt.

For production of coloured coatings. Specially recommended for exterior applications.


Pearl luster pigments in powder form.

For production of pearlescent coatings and paints with metallic effects.


Aqueous transparent Iron Oxides.

For production of coloured waterborne wood varnishes and tinting clear varnishes.

Pigments for professionals

Product/Family Description Application

Universal pigment pastes ready to use.

For tinting paints in the application place and to produce dyes for waterborne paints.

Tintometric systems

Product/Family Description Application

Systems of different aqueous and universal pigment pastes specially designed for using in tintometric machines.

Reproduction of colour charts by colour dispensing machines. Replaces 1:1 the existing colours set with no need of re-adjusting neither the operative dosage system nor the machine software.