Version published on 21/10/2020

1. Definition and function of cookies

The website (the “Website”) uses cookies and other files of similar functionality. Cookies are small files that are downloaded to those devices that are used to access the Website.
Cookies allow the Company, among others, to store and retrieve information about the User’s browsing habits and, depending on the information they contain and the way they use the device to access the Website, they can be used to recognize it.

2. Type of Cookies and purposes of use

During the navigation to the Website, different types of cookies will be used, both own and third party; Such cookies can be classified into the following:

Performance Cookies: These cookies are used to improve the user’s browsing experience and optimize the functioning of the Website. These cookies store configurations of the Services so that the User does not have to reconfigure them every time they visit the Website.

Geolocation Cookies: These cookies are used to store geolocation data of the device used by the User to access the Website to offer you more appropriate content and services.

Analytical Cookies: These cookies are used to collect information about the User’s browsing experience on the Website.

Advertising Cookies: These cookies are used to collect information about the advertisements shown to each User through the Website.
Likewise, such cookies used on the Website can be distinguished between own- and third-party cookies.
Own cookies are those created and / or managed by the person responsible for the Website. On the other hand, third-party cookies are those created and / or managed by providers of analysis, social networks, personalization and advertising services outside the Company and over which we have no control whatsoever owing the provider of the system comply with legal requirements for this purpose.

3. Own cookies used on this website

Below is a table with the Cookies used on this website, incorporating a level of intrusiveness criteria supported on a scale of 1 to 3:

Level 1: It corresponds to Cookies strictly necessary for the provision of the service requested by the user.

Level 2: It corresponds to performance cookies (anonymous) necessary for the maintenance of content and navigation, of which it is only necessary to report its existence.

Level 3: It corresponds to Cookies managed by third parties that allow user tracking through websites of which CHEMIPOL, SA does not own. They usually correspond to advertising or analytical cookies where the user is uniquely and clearly identified. We do not have any type of control over these cookies.

4. Disabling or deleting cookies

It is allowed to block, cancel or delete the cookies installed in the User’s device through the configuration of the browser options installed in the device of the same. In the case of mobile devices, to know how to proceed in the browser of your mobile phone, you should consult the manual of your terminal.
As an example, we will show you how to deactivate or delete cookies in the main browsers:

Likewise, the User must take into account that some features of the Website Content are only available if the installation of cookies is allowed in their browser. If you decide not to accept or block certain cookies (depending on their purpose), this may, totally or partially, affect the normal functioning of the Website or prevent access to the navigation of certain contents.
It will be understood that the user accepts the use of cookies if he continues browsing this website without previously deactivating them.

5. Third party cookies

Some of the cookies included in the cookie categories described above (level 3) are stored by third parties on your computer when you use our website. We have no control over these cookies or the way in which third parties use them. They are used to allow the third party to provide us with an analysis service, for example.

For more information about these cookies and how to disable them, see the individual third-party privacy policy below:

Supplier Type Information
Google Analytics
Google Analytics Analytics

6. Updates and changes in the Cookies Policy

The Company may modify this Cookies Policy based on legislative or regulatory changes, or with the purpose of adapting these police to instructions or guidelines issued by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection as well as for technical reasons.

When there are significant changes to this Cookies Policy, the User will be notified either by means of an informative notice on the Website or, where appropriate, by email to the Users.

If as a User you want more information about what use we make of our own cookies, you can send us an e-mail to