Technical service for customers worldwide

We provide technical assistance to our clients regarding formulation, microbiological tests, product evaluation and process valuation.

A team of highly skilled professionals in microbiology, chemistry and engineering, with the knowledge acquired over more than forty years of experience in the industry, carry out a solid scientific evaluation to guarantee optimal biocide and additive recommendations for each application.


Chemipol’s microbiology team performs all the necessary tests to select the most suitable biocide based on criteria of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In our fully equipped laboratories, we use analytical techniques based on both international standards and our own validated methods.

Our support in microbiology includes, among others, the following services:

  • Preservation studies (challenge-test in wet and dry state).
  • Sterility tests.
  • Biocide selection.
  • Optimization tests (CMIs, stability and compatibility).
  • Plant audits.

Additives evaluation

A qualified team of chemists provides formulation assistance to our additive customers.

Through a wide range of tests specific by application, we ensure quality at every manufacturing stage, throughout the product shelf life and during its phase of use to the industries we supply.

Some of the studies we carry out to evaluate additive performance are the following:

  • Foam formation control.
  • Dispersion of fillers.
  • Wetting of solids.
  • Color development.
  • Whiteness studies.
  • Industrial application studies.

Expert advice

We work next to our clients carrying out tests and studies designed for each industry we supply

Water treatment

Chemipol offers technical support to water treatment plants and companies dedicated to the integral water cycle.

A team of professionals in chemistry and engineering works together with our clients to select with guarantees the most suitable specialties and equipment for wastewater treatment, water desalination, drinking water production and treatment of cooling circuits and boilers, both municipal and industrial.

Some of the studies and tests that our technical service includes are:

  • Water characterization.
  • Characterization of reagents.
  • Jar tests, coagulation and flocculation.
  • Foam control.
  • Risk determination of salts scaling (OSMOPOL®).
  • Antiscalant efficiency.
  • Anticorrosion tests.
  • Filtration studies.
  • Membrane autopsies (RO).
  • Chemical compatibility with materials.
  • Energy saving (MBR and UF AirSafe).
  • Piloting of Ultrafiltration projects.
  • Portable pilot plants.

Regulatory support

At Chemipol we are very aware of the importance of the impact that regulatory aspects have for the sectors we all work for.

For this reason, our team expert in product safety and regulation advises our clients through the regulatory requirements with a practical and solid approach.

The constant evolution of regulations makes it necessary to have the support of specialized professionals. Our services include:

  • Advice on different legal bodies (REACH, BPR, CLP, EPA, FDA, among many others).
  • Specific guidance by country, industry and application.
  • Assistance in product registration.
  • Environmentally friendly formulations.
  • New labeling options

Technical experience and creativity

Formula Chemipol

Product samples

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