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SENSICARE® C 2060 antimicrobial agent for cosmetic products. Inspired by Nature.


Chemipol R&D laboratory is pleased to launch the new development SENSICARE® C 2060, an effective, safe and low toxicity additive with antimicrobial activity and multifunctional properties. SENSICARE® C 2060 inhibits microorganisms growth, it has antioxidant, moisturizing and skin conditioning properties. Its formulation inspired by nature, is based on a synergistic combination of pentane-1,2-diol, ingredient

NEW!! COSMOPOL®, guide to select the preservative system for cosmetic formulations


Chemipol technical-sales department is pleased to launch the new software COSMOPOL®, an application to support the selection process of the preservation system of cosmetic and personal care products. During the design of a new cosmetic product, formulators and creative teams take into consideration aspects of the composition as well as a multitude of issues

FUNGIPOL CP Micro-Encapsulated dry-film preservatives


FUNGIPOL® CP is a range of dry-film preservatives with encapsulated actives substances, especially formulated to control the growth of fungi and algae on waterborne coatings in dry state. As a result of a deep and intense research in nanotechnology, Chemipol features a range of innovative biocides based on encapsulated active substances. The highlighted advantages of

Research on water regeneration technologies and reuse (REGIREU)


Chemipol is conducting a research and development project in wastewater regeneration and technologies for its reuse. Water available for human consumption is scarce. The wastewater purification is an essential sector for the progress of society and for the survival of ecosystems. A complete water cycle includes maximize water reuse in the safest conditions of

CHINACOAT 2020 (Guangzhou, 8-10 de diciembre de 2020)


Chemipol will participate as exhibitor at the CHINACOAT 2020 fair. We will take this extraordinary occasion for presenting our full range of biocides and additives for aqueous systems, highlighting new preservative formulations and new defoamers for water based systems. Date: 8-10 de diciembre de 2020. Place: Guangzhou, R.P. China. Stand: Hall 2.1 - Zone 8

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