Chemipol is conducting a research and development project in wastewater regeneration and technologies for its reuse.

Water available for human consumption is scarce. The wastewater purification is an essential sector for the progress of society and for the survival of ecosystems. A complete water cycle includes maximize water reuse in the safest conditions of security.

The several existing regeneration technologies are not suitable enough and they show certain limitations, either because is hard to produce a water with optimal characteristics for its reuse in a safe way or because the implementation costs and operational are high enough to limit its generalization to many areas whether municipal or industrial.

Given this context, our research project pursues to develop innovative and competitive technology to overcome the barriers that limit the implementation of urban and industrial wastewater regeneration.

Specifically, the objectives of the project are the following:

    • Reduce the operational costs and those for implementation of water regeneration processes.
    • Develop more efficient and selective technology with respect to current processes.
    • Acquire knowledge for developing risk management strategies.
    • Improve the sustainability and efficiency of the global water cycle.

Technology in research:

Chemipol is searching strategies for controlling and reducing fouling in water purification by filtration membranes, by means of the use of Ultrafiltration membranes with low dirt potential together with the application of a Data Analysis System developed by the University of Girona (UdG).

The membranes with which we are carrying out this research are based on a pilot TIPS technology based MBR + Nanofiltration/Reverse Osmosis together with the Data Analysis System for monitorization of the operation.

Expected results:

    • Innovative integrated membrane systems to reduce dirt and optimize operating costs
    • High energy efficiency electro-oxidation technology for washing MBR-MBBR Hybrid System for water regeneration.


The REGiREU project, within the framework of the RIS3CAT 2016 call, and the FEDER Operational Program of Catalonia 2014-2020, has as its main objective to develop innovative and competitive technologies worldwide that allow overcoming the main technological barriers that limit the regeneration of urban wastewater and industrial for subsequent reuse. The REGiREU project seeks to generate the necessary knowledge to develop technologies that provide competitive advantages over current technology, as well as to position the water sector in Catalonia among the main global providers of technology for the regeneration of wastewater.

Biocides, additives and specialties for industry

Biocides, additives and specialties for industry