FUNGIPOL® CP is a range of dry-film preservatives with encapsulated actives substances, especially formulated to control the growth of fungi and algae on waterborne coatings in dry state.

As a result of a deep and intense research in nanotechnology, Chemipol features a range of innovative biocides based on encapsulated active substances.

The highlighted advantages of the FUNGIPOL® CP biocides are:

  1. Low toxicity → More safety in the workplace.
  2. Long lasting → Greater control in the release of actives.
  3. Less polluting → Greener.

FUNGIPOL® CP range is integrated by different combinations of the following actives all them protected by encapsulation:

  • OIT (N-octyl-isothiazolinone)
  • DCOIT (Dichloro-n-octyl-isothiazolinone)
  • IPBC (Iodo-propynylbutyl-carbamate)
  • DCMU (Diuron)
  • ZnPt (Zinc pyritione)

Benefits to you:

  • Improved leaching resistance.
  • Improved alkali resistance.
  • Enhanced temperature resistance.
  • Better UV stability.
  • Possibility to avoid use of biocides classified as CMR (*).
  • Do not cause undesired colorations (yellowish).
  • Final product with “mild” label or even without hazardous labeling.

(*) CMR: Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Toxic for the Reproduction.