Chemipol R&D laboratory is pleased to launch the new development SENSICARE® C 2060, an effective, safe and low toxicity additive with antimicrobial activity and multifunctional properties. SENSICARE® C 2060 inhibits microorganisms growth, it has antioxidant, moisturizing and skin conditioning properties.

Its formulation inspired by nature, is based on a synergistic combination of pentane-1,2-diol, ingredient of vegetable origin (non-food part of corn) together with a booster of natural origin (derivative of vegetable glycerin and lauric acid, that enhances the antimicrobial capacity of the organic acids present in the formulation.

SENSICARE® C 2060 is designed and developed to protect cosmetic formulations intended for the care of delicate skin. It is especially recommended for products intended for babies, facial care, eye contour, products for intimate areas, and cosmetic formulations in general, even wet wipes.

Featured Advantages:

  • Content of natural ingredients greater than 73% (ISO 16128).
  • Suitable for natural formulations (COSMOS, Ecolabel, Der blue angel, Nordic swan, Natrue).
  • Very low toxicity.
  • Free of phenoxyethanol and benzyl alcohol.
  • Booster technology.
  • Effective preservation of both emulsion phases (aqueous and organic).

Chemipol for the cosmetic industry:

Chemipol designs and manufactures preservatives, antimicrobials and multifunctional additives for the cosmetic industry, based on both synthetic ingredients and natural 100%, which allows us to satisfy the requirements of all kind of formulations and marketing strategies. Our product families are as follows:

  • SENSICARE® C: range of preservatives based on combinations of different antimicrobial substances and boosters, which optimally protect cosmetic products with a low concentration of preservatives.
  • SENSICARE® FPand SENSICARE® M: series of multifunctional antimicrobials specially developed for controlling microbial growth in preservative-free formulations.
  • SENSICARE® NAT: multifunctional antimicrobials based on natural extracts. They the reliable natural alternative to prevent microbial growth.
  • BIOPOL®: range of preservatives based on traditional substances.
  • ACRIPOL®: range of acrylic thickeners and opacifiers.