Chemipol technical-sales department is pleased to launch the new software COSMOPOL®, an application to support the selection process of the preservation system of cosmetic and personal care products.

During the design of a new cosmetic product, formulators and creative teams take into consideration aspects of the composition as well as a multitude of issues related to health, marketing, production, cost and sales price, among others.

Just selecting five answers to five questions about the formula details, COSMOPOL® automatically recommends the most suitable antimicrobial and the optimal dose to control microorganisms growth and protect the product properties. In addition, it has the option of an advanced filter that, by only clicking predefined options, allows to obtein a recommendation more specific for the formulation.

COSMOPOL® either displays the information on the screen and in pdf format so that it can be stored easily. With one click, you can request additional technical information, regulatory information, INCI declaration and samples.

Chemipol for the cosmetic industry

Chemipol designs and manufactures preservatives, antimicrobials and multifunctional additives for the cosmetic industry, based on both synthetic ingredients and natural 100%, which allows us to satisfy the requirements of all kind of formulations and marketing strategies. Our product families are as follows:

  • SENSICARE® C: range of preservatives based on combinations of different antimicrobial substances and boosters, which optimally protect cosmetic products with a low concentration of preservatives.
  • SENSICARE® FPand SENSICARE® M: series of multifunctional antimicrobials specially developed for controlling microbial growth in preservative-free formulations.
  • SENSICARE® NAT: multifunctional antimicrobials based on natural extracts. They the reliable natural alternative to prevent microbial growth.
  • BIOPOL®: range of preservatives based on traditional substances.
  • ACRIPOL®: range of acrylic thickeners and opacifiers.